The first story I ever wrote was titled, The Boy and the Apple Tree (loosely based off James and the Giant Peach), which I scribbled on a 4 X 6 purple notepad complete with a single illustration. The second story I ever wrote was a Pokemon picture book co-authored with my friend in 2nd grade. We read the story to the class, and they boo'd at us because there was no true ending to the story, other than Ash catching Eevee.

I've since learned how to truly craft a story, and have picked up a couple other skills along the way, which I'm proud to say includes innertube waterpolo. I seek to create invigorating relationships between people and things, whether it be an event, a product, an experience. My joy stems from connecting people to moments that excite and inspire, provoke thought and novel perspective.

Speaking of burgers, I believe I have discovered the best burger in the U.S. and it resides in Pittsburgh, PA at a small bar called Butterjoint. Do yourself a favor and order "The Fancy Burger of the Day", medium rare, and enjoy a generous piece of heaven on earth. If you have any burger recommendations, please contact me.