EPI-CASE: Technical Writing and Design

Epi-Case was an epinephrine injector embedded within a smartphone case, designed by a team of student engineers at Carnegie Mellon. The case was created so that those who may suffer from anaphylactic shock, or severe allergic reactions, would have easy access to medical aid. I established a collaboration with this team and worked side-by-side with the engineers to develop technical instructions as well as a logo for the device.

I worked with two other technical writers to design and create content for a preliminary user manual. Our mission was to translate the capabilities of the device from an engineering standpoint to meet the needs of the user, without sacrificing crucial information. This process involved hands-on interaction with working prototypes, scenario-based discussions with the engineering team, research on existing epinephrine injectors, user testing, and extensive iterations.

The user manual was used as supplementary materials for engineering design competitions and showcases on campus, providing a physical visual aid for the device.

The engineering team has since pivoted their idea and founded LifeShel, a company geared towards deterring sexual assault. See my work for LifeShel here.

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