Google I/O Opening 2016: Concept

Google I/O - the great meeting of the minds. Developers, Burners, Developer-Burners, gathered for the first year ever at Shoreline Amphitheater anticipating the newness from Google. We couldn't kick off the show without giving a nod to the venue, what it symbolized, what it meant for Google to break out of the conventional Moscone Center, home to I/O for eight years.

Drawing inspiration from the creative, maker-spirit of Burning Man - we set the tone of Google I/O 2016 as a festival in itself. We designed a stage that not only envoked festival vibes, but also maintained functionality for the keynote. Multi-talented musician, Robert DeLong produced an original track for the event, incorporating sounds from popular apps that were made possible using Google API. We visualized those apps in colorful animations and live action interpretations - celebrating the impressive breadth of work developers have created through Google.

Creative Director: Tom Manion
Role: Creative Associate