Public Relations and Social Media

Lunar Gala is one of the largest student-run organizations at Carnegie Mellon University. Every year we produce a fashion show that consists of student designers and student models. The production draws over 1,000 attendees from the campus as well as the Pittsburgh community.

As the Public Relations Director, I managed a team of five that consisted of a social media manager, a blogger, a journalist, a photographer, and a social chair. I implemented a photography project documenting campus fashion titled, Seen at CMU.The initiative revitalized Lunar Gala's social media presence and established the organization on the campus as more than just a fashion show. A blog that featured model profiles, vlogs, show updates, and a peek behind-the-scenes was also implemented and helped generate public interest in the organization.

The 2014 show was sold out with over 1,200 attendees, the biggest turn-out the event has ever had.

Seen at CMU, excerpt.

Model profiles, excerpt.

WRCT Dance Party Vlog

Photos by: Yutong Chen, Amanda Yuan
Video by: Amanda Yuan, Alan Fu